Recycling 101: 10 Non-Recyclable plastics you should know about.

Any type of plastic that has NO number for recycling can’t be recycled.

It is easy to say when it comes to recycling we don’t have proper knowledge of how to recycle. When some recyclable materials like plastic bottles or bags are soiled it goes into the garbage. No point putting it in recycle bins. This is just one example.

1. Trash Bags
2. Ziplock bags
3. Inside the cereal box plastic
4. Bubble wrap
5. Potato chip bags
6. Clear plastic wrap
7. Some departments store bags
8. Plastic utensils
9. Soiled plastic bottles and bags
10. Plastic straws

While this is just a small list, there are so many small plastic things that can’t be recycled. Most machinery can’t handle items smaller than 2-3 inches around, and things like plastic utensils are so skinny that they fall through the equipment. Second, plastic utensils vary in plastic-type. They’re commonly made of plastic #1, plastic #5, plastic #6, or bioplastic. Because they are identical in shape and size, the different types of plastic make them very difficult to sort correctly.

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