Our products bring a more natural and rich experience to every event.

3" Bowls


Every party needs condiment bowls!

5" Bowls

Soups and snacks

Holds hot and cold liquids also.

7.5" Plates

Appetizers, snacks and small meals

Our most sold size for versatile use.

9" Plates

Dinner and mains

Medium size plates



11" Plates

Large dinner and mains

Can be used with a bowl in it.


Is it possible to have a sustainable party?

We all love meeting people and going to events. Don't we? Well, it is possible to be environmentally conscious and have fun! Our plates and bowls are made to do that.

Guests love these conversation starters.

Welcome to the future of catering!

Elevate your events with our exceptional leaf bowls and plates.

Crafted with care and designed to impress, they're more than just tableware...